A Snap Shot on Burlingame



During the 1860s, William C. Ralston, a prominent banker, and partner in the development of Comstock Lode, purchased vast acreage on the Peninsula for a grand estate. He appreciated the Peninsula's warm, tranquil setting of oak-clad, rolling hills nestled between San Francisco Bay and Pacific Coastal range.


One of the first of many famous guests to his estate was the Honorable Anson Burlingame, who had recently been appointed by President Lincoln as United States Minister to China. So impressed was Burlingame with the locale that he chose a villa site of approx. 1,043 acres for himself, to be used after his retirement from the China mission.


The attractive name "Burlingame" was now on the property maps and in the news because of the "Burlingame Treaty" with China.


Following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake people continued to settle in Burlingame and by 1908 it became incorporated as a municipal corporation of the sixth class. The Town of Burlingame later reclassified the City of Burlingame.


Geographic area

5.5 square miles (3,517 acres; 66% residential, 34% commercial/industrial)



Burlingame was once advertised as San Francisco's Sunshine Suburb because of its temperate climate, sheltered by hills from strong winds and heavy fogs, the city has temperatures ranging from a low of 54 degrees F to a high of 82 degrees F in July and a low of 39 degrees and a high of 57 degrees in January.


Burlingame Schools

Burlingame High school has long been an integral part of the community, with many graduates becoming long-term residents. It is a traditional campus offering academic excellence along with high student test scores. The private and public elementary schools and public intermediate school located in Burlingame are highly recommended when considering Burlingame for your home.

There are five elementary schools and one intermediate school (6, 7 and 8 grades), one high school.


Senior Citizens

Burlingame has a very active and independent senior population. There are many groups and activities offered for Burlingame's seniors to enjoy.


Profile of Burlingame


Meet the neighbors

Population (2010)                                                   29,342

Population density   person/sq mile                           6,823.7

Single family housing Housing Units                          6,234

Multi family Housing Units                                        6,753

Climate Action Plan :                                                YES

Green Building Ordinance:                                        YES

Sustainability task force:                                            YES

Affordable housing policy:                                        10%

Above  information from Sustainable San mateo County annual Indicator report 2010


Over age of 65                                                        15%

Under age 18                                                           19%

Median age                                                             38.4

Total house holds                                                    13,040

Employed residents                                                17,900

Mean household income                                       $101,700

Median household income                           nbsp;         $68,529


Housing (Burlingame Real Estate)

Dwelling units                            nbsp;                          12,869

Average cost of single family residence             $1,406,502

Average days on the market                 nbsp;                 27

Total units sold in 2006                                        266

Average cost of Condo./Town House                $662,142

Average days on the market                                 53

Total units sold                                                     55  

Single family detached                                         6,111

Single family attached                                          409

Multiple family structure,2-4 units                      983

Multiple family structure,5+ units                       5,355


Above sales data on Burlingame Real Estate is provided by the San Mateo association of Realtors data base.


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