San Mateo at a Glance:


San Mateo is situated at the cross-roads of three major Freeways which provide a link with San Francisco to the north, San Jose to the South, Half Moon Bay to the west and the East Bay to the east. Additionally, San Mateo’s proximity to both the San Francisco and San Jose International Airports provides convenient air transportation. City of San Mateo Incorporated September 4th, 1894, it is 19 miles south of San Francisco,22 miles north of San Jose and 415 miles north of Los Angeles.


San Mateo is a mixed residential and commercial community with a population of over 92,000 residents. San Mateo has a reputation of being both a good place to live and do business.


San Mateo is very proud of its great neighborhoods and schools, outstanding libraries and parks and some of the best shopping and restaurants on the Peninsula.


Information gathered form Sustainable San Mateo County Indicator Annual Report:


Population(2010):                                                        97,535

Population density:                                                        7,994.7  

Singel Family Housing Units:                                    21,238

Multi family Units:                                                       17,986

Acres of city owned Parks:                                              235

Climate action Plan:                                                       YES

Green Building ordinance:                                            YES

Sustainability task Force:                                              YES

Affordable Housing Policy:                                          15%



Annual Precipitation (inches)                                          23.35

Clear days                                                                       160.00

High temp in July                                                            70.5 F

Low temp in Jan.                                                             42.9 F


Housing( San Mateo Real Estate)

Median home price                                                    $975,000.

Median Condominium/ Townhouse                           $531,000.



Colleges, universities and professional schools               8

Junior colleges and technical institutes                            1

Test scores reading (% +/- state average)                        16%

Test scores math (% +/- state average)                            4.3%

Students attending public schools                                   80.4%

Students attending private schools                                  19.6%


Meet the Neighbors

Median age                                                                      38.9

Completed some college(% of residents)                       57.1%

Married                                                                           48.3%

Divorced                                                                         10.1%

Amount spent on Vacations( domestic and foreign house hold

Average per year)                                                           $8,013.



Median family income ( per year)                                   $85,492.

Sales tax                                                                            8.25%

State income tax rate (highest bracket)                            9.3%

State income tax rate (lowest bracket)                              1%

Job growth                                                                        -2.8%

Leisure and Culture

Movie theatres (within 15 miles)                                   14

Restaurants (within 15 miles)                                       3,123

Bars ( within 15 miles)                                                    169

Public golf courses (within 30 miles)                             76

Libraries (within 15 miles)                                             76

Museums (within 30 miles)                                            16


Quality of Life

Air quality index ( % of days ranked as good)                95.3%

Personal crime risk                                                         64

(100 is national average; lower is better)                         

Property crime risk                                                         55

(100 is national average; lower is better)

Personal crime incidents ( per 100,000)                         451

Property crime incidences (per 100,0000)                     3,636

Median commute time (in minutes)                               21.20

% population with commute 45 mins. or longer           15.6%    


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